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The Fat Duck – dining nirvana

The Fat Duck is Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant in the charming village of Bray to the west of London, recognised as the best restaurant in the world in 2005 (runner-up in 2006 and 2007 after El Bulli in Barcelona).

Fat Duck

I see Blumenthal as the mad scientist of gastronomy and his fine-tuned experiments have created a magical feast for the senses. I’ve had the fortune of dining at several of the ‘best restaurants in the world’ and the Fat Duck is one of those in a league of its own. Blumenthal has expertly blended common and unusual ingredients together with extraordinary effect, mesmerising diners with unique flavours, smells and sounds that blend seamlessly together and leave them in heavenly bliss. 

Fat Duck - nitro green tea

The restaurant itself is housed in an unassuming little cottage which only seats 46. Reservations can (and must) be made 2 months in advance and you need to start calling them from 9am – but be warned that you will be joining several hundred people trying to call in for the limited number of seatings therefore be prepared to keep hitting ‘redial’ for the next hour or get someone to do it for you! The tasting menu consists of 16-courses and costs £115 per person – wine-matching menus range from £90 to £165 which include 8 wines.

The Fat Duck didn’t receive recognition as one of the best restaurants in the world by accident – it is truly a divine dining experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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