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El Bulli – culinary perfection

El BulliEl Bulli is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Catalonia presided over by the world renowned chef Ferran Adria. El Bulli has been voted the best restaurant in the world an unprecedented three times - in 2002, 2006 and 2007. Ferran Adria has undoubtedly made one of the greatest contributions to molecular gastronomy and he does so year-in year-out – El Bulli is open for 6 months of the year (from April through to September) while the chefs spend the other half of the year creating more wonderful concontions to add to their amazing repertoire and bringing the culinary experience to perfection and beyond.

A trip to El Bulli is like experiencing the finest classical masterpiece performed by the greatest virtuosos – it is an adventure where you’ll lose yourself in some of the most imaginative, subtle, intense and out-of-this-world flavours you’ve ever experienced. To whet your appetite and stir your imagination, here are some of their mouth-watering creations:

El Bulli - grilled sole skin, garlic flower and parsleyGrilled sole skin, garlic flower and parsley

El Bulli - soy angel hair pasta with sesame, miso and wasabi sweetsSoy angel hair pasta with sesame, miso and wasabi sweets

El Bulli - folie saladFolie salad

El Bulli - baby snails in court bouillon with velvet crab in escabeche and fennel-flavoured amaranthBaby snails in court bouillon with velvet crab in escabeche and fennel-flavoured amaranth                                                                                                                                                         

How do you make a reservation at El Bulli? With great difficulty unfortunately. They take reservations on a SINGLE DAY in October for dining in the following year. As you can imagine getting through is no mean feat with close to a million callers battling for only 8,000 lucky seats each season – or over 400 requests for a single table. Naturally I recommend that you use the personal assistants or concierge services at your disposal to secure you that table.

Check for their calendar. Tel: +34 972 150457. Fax: +34 972 150717. Email:

The average cost of a meal is EUR250 – inclusive of drinks. El Bulli is dining at its finest - highly recommended.

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