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Amex Centurion – the ultimate credit card

The Centurion Card, also known as the Black Card, is the creme-de-la-creme of credit cards. The card is in fact an anodized titanium charge card issued by American Express, and is available to platinum card holders who spend $250,000 in a single year.

Like most American Express charge cards, there are no pre-set limits although in practice limits are based on your spending history, credit profile and financial resources. The highest recorded single purchase on this card is $30 million, for a private jet! And currently there are estimated to be less than 10,000 in existence.

Amex Black

The benefits include personal concierge service, access to private jets, elite frequent flyer status on several airlines (Delta, Continental, Virgin Atlantic and US Airways), personal shoppers, access to airport clubs, flight upgrades and many more. Centurion has over 550 hotel partners around the world, with the best perks being offered by the Mandarin Oriental and the Ritz Carlton. You can also enrol into Relais & Chateaux’s Club 5C program which offers fantastic perks in itself, giving you access and benefits to the most highly acclaimed hotels and restaurants in the world. And of course there’s also the exclusivity of whipping out a titanium card which puts you on par with the wealthiest.

So how do you get one? Your best bet would be to first get an American Express Platinum Card – and then spend $250,000 in a rolling 12 month period. People have also been known to receive invites from Amex after charging about $20-25k for 6 consecutive months – or you can call them to consider if you qualify at this point. The Centurion Card is available for both personal and business accounts and is subject to an annual fee of $2,500 (£650 in the UK). Contrary to wide-ranging rumours, you do not need to spend $250,000 to maintain the card once you have it – in fact you don’t need to spend anything at all once you’re a member to continue to enjoy the benefits of membership.

The Black Card started out as a myth back in the 1980s – until American Express officially launched it in 1999. Now that its existence is confirmed, rumours are already circulating that there is an even more exclusive card for the elite of the elite -  the American Express Crystal Card. But for now, that is and will likely remain a myth for some time to come.

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